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Caroline is a qualified medical doctor currently practising in the United Kingdom.  She speaks fluently in English, Mandarin Chinese, Teochew (a dialect in Chinese) and Malay. 

Her daughters have inspired her to start a Youtube Channel teaching basic Chinese for beginners.  She enjoys learning with her daughters.

Caroline understands how hard and challenging it can be to learn Chinese in a non-native speaking country.  She creates lessons that are fun and easy to absorb.  She also tries to include music in her lessons too. 

Caroline is also an author for children books that are published in amazon.  In her free time, Caroline enjoys gardening (both flowers and vegetables), drawing and listening to music.

Feedback & Reviews

Comments left on her YouTube Chanel

Amazing video like always! You never let me down!





“The style of teaching Chinese is very catchy and easy to learn. Thank you for this creative video friend.”



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