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Caroline works part time as a doctor in the United Kingdom.

I Create

Caroline enjoys creating videos to teach Chinese on Youtube.  Please visit and subscribe to her Youtube channel: Learn Chinese with Caroline


I Write

I enjoy writing children books and also creating various worksheets to help learning Chinese.

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My Story

Caroline is a qualified medical doctor in the United Kingdom.   She can speak fluent Mandarin, English, Teochew (a dialect in Chinese) and Malay!

Her daughters have inspired her to set up a Youtube channel to teach some basic Chinese to beginners.  She realise how hard it can be to learn Chinese in a non-Chinese speaking country. 

Caroline tries to make learning fun and easy to absorb for learners.  She tries to make her teaching colourful and include music in her lessons.  She really enjoys creating the videos to help people learning Chinese languages.  

She is also an author for children books which were published on amazon. 

During her free time, she enjoys gardening, listening to music and drawing.

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